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Individuals selected as PES Scholars are high-achieving undergraduate students in electrical engineering programs who have committed to exploring the power and energy engineering field through both coursework and career experiences.
Benjamin Fritz
University of Nevada, Reno

Who am I?

I am a senior studying Electrical Engineering, graduating May 2020. I am particularly interested in renewable energy, electric vehicles, and energy storage.

Why did you choose to study engineering and the power enginee...

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James O'Haire
University of Pittsburgh

Who am I?

School: University of Pittsburgh

Major: Electrical Engineering

Concentration: Electric Power

Minor: Computer Science

Areas of Interest: Smart Grid Technologies, Renewable Energy Integration, Embe...

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Mary Ellen Martinsen
Washington State University

Who am I?

I am a junior at Washington State University pursing a bachelor's in Electrical Engineering with a focus in Power Systems. I enjoy being involved and growing my skills. Currently, I am the WSU IEEE Chapter Chair, the WSU Societ...

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