Get Started on Your Power & Energy Career with the IEEE PES Scholarship Plus Initiative

Lewis Greg South AlabamaDo you have what it takes to qualify for the PES Scholarship Plus Initiative? If so, you can receive up to three years of financial support (total of US$7,000) and gain career experience through internships and co-op work.

The goal of the IEEE PES Scholarship Plus Initiative is to encourage undergraduate students to pursue careers in power and energy engineering. 

For qualifying students, the program not only provides scholarships and facilitates internships/co-op experience, but also offers many opportunities to gain experience and build knowledge in power and energy engineering careers, including mentoring opportunities and special recognition as a PES Scholar.

Find out if you meet the scholarship eligibility requirements.

Scholarship amounts are US$2,000 the first year, US$2,000 the second yearand US$3,000 the third year (as long as you continue to qualify). Funds are paid to the university who will provide the funds to the students to help defray educational costs.

The Scholarship Plus Initiative benefits the power and energy industry by attracting qualified and energized young engineers to the field. Organizations can benefit directly through involvement in the internship and career experience program. Funding from partners in industry makes the program possible and will allow us to expand our efforts.

For colleges and universities, participation in the Scholarship Plus Initiative can attract more students to electrical engineering departments. By promoting awareness and excitement about the challenges and rewards of careers in power and energy, the Scholarship Plus Initiative supports EE and ECE departments by providing interesting and exciting opportunities for their students.