Applying for the Scholarship? Here are the details:

Funding — You can receive up to three years of financial support. Scholarship levels are US$2,000, US$2,000 and US$3,000 for the first, second and third years respectively. As long as you continue to meet the criteria, you'll continue to receive the scholarship each year. After your supplemental information has been approved, a check & certificate will be sent to a faculty member at your school. The faculty member will ensure that the funds are provided to the financial aid office for credit to your account.

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Eligibility — You can apply for the PES Scholarship as early as your first year in college. First year students are very much encouraged to apply. You are eligible to receive the scholarship if:

  • You'll consider a career in electric power and energy engineering.
  • You are working towards an electrical engineering bachelor's degree (or first professional degree).
  • You'll be a full-time student in the coming academic year at a university or college in the U.S., Puerto Rico, or Canada that offers undergraduate courses in power engineering.  The university or college must have an ABET-accredited, 4-year electrical engineering program. The subjects of typical power engineering courses can be viewed here.
  • You will take (or have taken) at least three of the power engineering courses for a total of nine or more credits.
  • You're a U.S. or Canadian citizen or a US permanent resident and reside in IEEE Regions 1 through 7.
  • You're currently enrolled full-time at a university/college or community college.
  • Your current GPA is 3.0 or higher on a 4.0 scale (or equivalent).  

Selection — Selection for first-year PES scholarships is competitive. Your scholarship award application will be ranked based on these factors:

  • Academic performance (based on overall GPA)
  • The alignment of your technical and personal interests with the power and energy engineering field
  • Your personal strengths (such as achievements, volunteer activities, work experience, your endorsement letter, etc.)
  • Strength of your academic program (based on the institution's overall power and energy engineering curriculum)

You'll have to reapply to receive the scholarships for the second and third year but as long as you continue to meet the eligibility requirements, including having had a career experience, you'll continue to receive the scholarship in those years.

Renewal —  After you have been awarded your first year scholarship, you'll be invited to reapply each year until you graduate (for a maximum of three years). In order to receive the award in the second and third years, you are required to take part in some type of career experience in power and energy engineering each year. You're also required to become a student member of IEEE and the Power & Energy Society (PES) — but the first year's membership is free! IEEE and PES membership has many benefits as well! Here's what you'll have to do to renew your scholarship:

  • Work in a power and energy engineering position before your scholarship is renewed. This might be a summer internship or co-op experience. You may also meet this requirement by working in a summer job that's equivalent to an internship or co-op experience (for example, a summer power and energy engineering research experience at your university)
  • Renew your IEEE and PES membership. Annual membership fees for students are US$32 for IEEE and US$18 for PES!
  • Take opportunities to learn more about power and energy engineering careers. This might be through PES chapter
  • Submit transcripts to demonstrate that you've followed your academic plans and taken courses from the list of typical power engineering subjects
  • Maintain a B or better GPA